Beck Fielding is emerging from the deep…


Beck Fielding, Rushcutters Bay

Out of the box Indie artist Beck Fielding is a soulful mix of soft rock, blues, country and jazz. Embodying the power of Melissa Etheridge, rawness of Tracy Chapman and versatility of Norah Jones, Beck’s expansive vocal range, rich vibrato and percussive guitar style set her apart from other contemporary artists.

Branching from deep, considered, thought-provoking songs to light-hearted, catchy tunes, Beck is a challenge to the ordinary…in every way.

You’ll be totally captivated by this young woman from the first time you see her perform. Rarely will you find an emerging artist purvey such a natural presence. Her lyrics are a precious commodity and her melodies, coupled with the unique sound of her vocal rendition, consistently reflect their intensity and passion.

Most of all, you’ll love that Beck is Beck. Make her your favourite artist ‘Anytime Soon’.

“Beck is more than a songwriter, she is channeling all that is good in this universe and its outcome is her special voice and beautifully crafted songs. She is ready to embrace the nation and beyond with her songs and humanity.”

Peter Scully, President of the Songwriting Society of Australia.