To live a life of passion…to live a life of inspiration…Beck Fielding is 'emerging from the deep'…


Beck’s vocals are unique and impressive…her lyrics poignant and inspiring….her music contemporary with a unique blending of jazz, singer-songwriter and pop-alternative…


With impressive guitar play and stunning voice Beck, is an earthed as a human being who has lived many of our lives, learnt from these experiences, and come out as a messenger of love - through song and the way she lives. Nestled somewhere between the rawness of Tracey Chapman, purity of Eva Cassidy and versatility and depth of Nora Jones, Beck sits comfortably in her own genre, moving easily between mellow, soulful song and lighthearted catchy tune.


Playing @ The Dome, Surry Hills

“Beck’s entire catalogue is worth a listen, live if possible because some of the things she does just don’t make it onto disc adequately. That is just a good excuse to catch one of her shows.” John Chesher, Songwriting Society of Australia.


Recently receiving ‘judges choice’ at the grand finals of the Sydney wide songwriter’s competition, Beck is presently collaborating with producers Reese Szabo and Steve Manovski at Origami Studios in Sydney’s south. Backed by publisher Steve Tagliaferro of Blue Pharaoh Music, her track 'Bluer than the Moon' is in the production pipeline, a strong contender for radio airplay and film.

Also gaining traction is her song 'Hurricane'*, set to spin on the compilation album Wild Women. A Soundshed Productions and Snez Musica project, Wild Women was released through Regal Records and MGM Records Feb 2013.


Hitting the road is next on the map for Beck - now receiving invites to play at music festivals beyond the Sydney circuit. Keep your eye for her at your favourite festival or come and check out one of her Sydney shows. Sign up to her email list and join her Facebook page for the latest news.

“Beck is more than a songwriter, she is channeling all that is good in this universe and its outcome is her special voice and beautifully crafted songs. She is ready to embrace the nation and beyond with her songs and humanity.” Peter Scully, President of the Songwriting Society of Australia.






*The title track of her EP, independently released and launched at The Basement, March 2011.